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Streetwise Sales Charts

Streetwise outsold almost every classical recording in 1991. The project succeeded in crossing over to the rock charts in American record stores. The charts in the left column are from Warner Electra Atlantc Distribution. The charts in the right column are from Sterling Ventures, or Rose Record's, formerly the largest retail chain in Chicago.

March 18, 1991: About two and a half weeks after Streetwise was released. Retail chains had ordered 13,060 units. Streetwise shipped over 12,000 units the first week, about 20X more than the average classical release on a major label. The numbers  that indicate customer orders are critical, because record stores only order more units if the existing stock in being purchased by customers. The day this report was run, there were 282 additional units purchased. There were 649 new orders in 10 days.  

August 6, 1991: Five months after the release, branch purchases were at 23,825, with 455 new orders in 10 days. 

March 18, 1991: This is the breakdown of purchases in each city from the initial release. The concerts in Venice Beach paid off as Los Angeles ordered the most units, 1,257 CD's and 528 cassettes. 
Rock chart's from Chicago's biggest retail chain:

In March of of 1991, Streetwise was one of the three classical releases on the rock charts at domestic retail chains. This is the top five in Chicago. The Three Tenors were #5 that week, knocked out of the #1 spot by REM.  

Streetwise was #88 on the rock chart at the end of March. It peaked at #78. It was one of only a few classical CD's that showed up on the rock charts that year. I was told by the distribution rep for Warner Electra Atlantic that the last solo pianist to make the top 100 in sales in retail stores across America was Vladimir Horowitz.

The full second page of the top 100 sales at Rose Record's. Streetwise and Placido Domingo are highlighted. Domingo's release was #74.
A chart from an individual store.

Streetwise made the top ten in this store in Lake Zurich. It outsold Joni Mitchell, Harry Conick Jr., Sting, Queen and Phil Collins, that week.
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